PE firms and family offices are both "financial" buyers. But they're very different in how they structure deals and their expectations for the selling CEO after close. It pays sellers to know what their potential buyers expect.
For the entrepreneur -- especially the small business owner operating a tech start-up -- IP's massive potential value begs a question: Could your business be sitting on a hidden IP goldmine?
When should you decide to sell your business? It's a complex decision but answering 21 quick questions will make it simpler.
Many promising acquisitions never close, most of those lost opportunities the fault of potential buyers. Avoid the seven most common mistakes they make during the sale process.
Business owners make mistakes while selling their company that can cause the deal to collapse. Learn which ones happen most frequently and how to avoid them.
The biggest casualties of the fintech market collapse were the big, late-stage B2C players. What's emerging out of the wreckage are mostly the opposite.
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