Investment bankers and business brokers both help their clients close deals with buyers and sellers. But they do so for different sorts of companies in different circumstances. Find out which intermediary is best for you.
Wondering what a business with growing or steady sales is worth and why? Apply the most accepted and sound ways to find out. (For companies too young to crank out material sales, see our HOW TO VALUE A START-UP.)
Wondering what a young company is worth and why? Apply the most accepted and sound ways to find out. (Want instead to learn about companies already pumping out reliable revenue? See HOW TO VALUE A GOING BUSINESS.)
We’ve seen our fair share of promising M&A courtships brought down by buyers even more than by sellers. It's not usually a single gaffe that proves fatal but rather a series of duck bites. This article will tell you how to avoid the most common ones.
2021 was the strongest year ever for fintech funding but 2022 saw that gusher fall back just as rapidly to 2020 levels. While it's true that total funding for private companies in 2022 declined overall, fintech's 50% fall was spectacular if unremarked. Yet certain types of fintechs continue to attract capital and thereby flourish. Is yours among them? Click on to find out.
In the preceding blog, A Curb Appeal Checklist, I listed some quick ways to enhance the value of your business before putting it on the market. Now in the Renovation Checklist below, we'll look at ways to increase the value of your company by focusing on the underlying infrastructure of the business.
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