Deciding when or if to sell a business is a complex process involving dozens of interrelated factors. It’s also one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur can make. We break this complexity down into digestible morsels.  
We canvassed the literature to find out what traits, backgrounds, and circumstances successful entrepreneurs share in common. Do you share them too? If not, can you create them?
Thinking about transitioning out of the business sometime? There are things you can do to maximize its value - quick "Curb Appeal" projects and deep "Renovation" projects. This article is about Curb appeal projects. We'll talk about Renovation projects in an upcoming article. Both types will take friction out of your life whether or not you're thinking about exiting.
Know how to tell if your entrepreneurial idea has the potential to scale? Or if it does, how to convert that potential into real-world growth and avoid speed traps along the way?
While it's true that total funding for start-ups in 2022 declined overall, fintech's 50% fall was spectacular. Yet certain types of fintechs continue to attract capital and thereby flourish. Is yours among them? Click on to find out.
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