Audio Electronics

Top 5 Trends in the Audio Electronics Industry for 2024

We break the industry into two segments: first Professional, which subdivides into: 1) high-quality, high-powered equipment for music and broadcasting production and; 2) conferencing. Then Consumer, which subdivides into: 1) mobile devices; 2) home systems and; 3) devices that enhance hearing (which are very rapidly improving). Below we list in reverse order the five most important trends affecting the audio electronics industry. (We are not compensated for listing the product links below.)

5. Wireless Audio Technology

Wireless audio tech -- including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled devices -- continues growing in popularity due to its convenience and flexibility. The trend satisfies demand for seamless connectivity across multiple devices.
  • Sonos: Offers a wide range of Wi-Fi sound systems providing high-quality audio throughout the home.
  • Bose: Known for premium Bluetooth-enabled headphones and speakers.

4. High-Resolution Audio

HRA is the sound equivalent of high-res imagery. The trend appeals to perfectionist audiophiles.
  • Sony: Leader in high-res audio players and headphones.
  • Astell&Kern: Niche player specializing in portable high-res audio players.

3. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers equipped with AI-assisted voice control deliver smart home functions combined with high-quality audio, a novel fusion.
  • Amazon Echo: Amazon uses Alexa voice control to become a hub for home automation including high-res home entertainment systems.
  • Google Nest Audio: What began as a smart thermometer is now a hub driving high-res audio and other smart home devices.

2. True Wireless Earbuds

True wireless earbuds – meaning, honest, no wires – are now a reliable mainstream product. But we’re listing them here as the second most important trend of 2024 because they’re now arriving in high-res audio versions. For the first time, convenience and mobility join with audiophile sound.
  • Apple AirPods: Among the most popular true wireless earbuds despite the price.
  • Jabra Elite: Elite earbuds offer excellent sound quality and advanced features like noise cancellation and long battery life. BTW, Jabra also makes outstanding “assistive hearing devices.”

1. Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology

ANC tech is revolutionizing the industry by providing an immersive listening experience across many diverse devices. While we rank the trend highly due to this alone, we rank it #1 for its potential to use AI not only to mute unwanted sounds, but to accentuate desired sounds according to user preference.
  • Sony WH-1000XM4: Critics rave over these Sony headphones for their superior ANC.
  • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: As with Sony’s headphones, Bose’s earbuds take top honors for ANC combined with high-res audio.
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